Frequently asked questions and answers about Jet Ski ELAN640 boats

In what colors are the boat's fenders being produced?

The boat’s fenders can be produced in white, black, grey, yellow, red, orange.

What is the useful load and how many people can the boat safely transport?

The useful load is 750 kg and can transport up to 8 people.

What is the boat's basic equipment?

Six rubber handles
Double stripe of protection peripherally
Five pressure and release valves
Polyester stern platforms
Stainless bolts and safety nuts throughout the whole boat
Polyester hull reinforcement longitudinal and transverse
Pulpit’s roll by Teflon in inox shaft
Jetski bollards
Bow seats
Life preserver storage space
Auto drained deck
Roll-bar inox seats with head rest
Gutters on the hull communicating with each other
Inox handles

Where is this specific boat being produced?

The boat is being produced in a greek shipyard of polyester boats with HRS adequacy and standard ISO9001,2008 και 14001 certification.

Which Jet Ski models can be used with this boat?

Yamaha: FX, VX, FZ
Seadoo: GT, RX

What is the delivery time of this specific boat upon order date?

The delivery time of the boat upon order date is 20 days.

What is the boat's fender material?

The material of the fender RIB is PVC 0,9mm 1000D.





Frequently asked questions and answers about Le Shark 520 boats


What is the material that the Le Shark boats are made of;

The Le Shark boats are made of low density linear polyethylene.

To the raw material is also added a stabilizer for the UV radiation.

There are many kinds of polyethylene for several uses. The specific form is the most advanced and practically undying. Special scientists report that the lifespan of the construction material is almost limitless!!!

How can the Le Shark boats be one pieced, with no stitches, junctions or stickings?

Le Shark boats are constructed by the roto – moulding method. The indelible colored powdered plastic on the appropriate weight enters inside the mold and then to the special oven where the mold rotates in a way that the liquid plastic will persevere on the mold’s surfaces. The procedure, of course, is way more complicated than it seems and with the use of sophisticated computers that guarantee production and quality stability. Thanks to that innovative method, Le Shark boats can be with double walls and impermeable at the same time, therefore unsinkable.

Does the construction material need protection or painting?

The construction material doesn’t need any protection of the external conditions and there's no need for painting of course, since the color is into the material itself, therefore the material has the same original coloring in all its thickness.

Does the gas or oil affect the construction material?

In the boat, we have several fuels of course. The prolonged contact with gas or oil doesn’t affect the endurance or the material’s characteristics. In polyester and inflatable boats, the prolonged contact with the fuels above has an immediate affect on the construction material’s endurance.

How is a Le Shark boat being repaired after an accident?

First and foremost, and that is the greatest thing in a boat’s security, is its tolerance to an impact (reef, rocks, sandy coast etc). Tests have proven that a Le Shark boat after an impact with a reef with a speed of18-20 miles at most cases, was in position to continue cruising with no repercussions at the boat’s safety (in a polyester a lower speed impact can be fatal). The material can absorb great impact forces, is 10 times impact resistant than a polyester boat.

Repairing, if ever needed, can be made by you, without technical knowledge. All you need is a hot air pistol (approximately 300 to 350 degrees) or even a lighter to repair knocks or abrasions. In case we would like to close a hole (which is probably never going to happen), we will also need a piece of the same material which we can buy from the dealership, which when is heated is slowly liquified and can be used as a repairing material. Then, when it is cold it becomes a homogeneous material with the boat (contact us for more information).

What is the Le Shark boats guarantee?

Due to the construction material and the fact that there are no stitches or moving parts on the boat and due to the material’s longevity, a Le Shark boat will last longer than the other boats of the market. Our boats go through a strict quality control before they are bought by you. It is almost unlikely (and has never happened in Greece) a Le Shark boat to have the slightest problem after it is bought, even the rental boats that take the most brutal, in many cases, usage have never had a problem. The Le Shark boats have a 3 years limited guarantee.

What does design category (ABCD) mean?

The design category states the safety category of the boat under specific weather conditions. All Le Shark boats under 4 meters are design category D, and this applies for all boats in the marke, while our larger boats are certified for cruising with the maximum number of passengers with up to 6 beaufort winds and up to 2 meters waving – category C.

Why do the Le Shark boats are suggested with relatively smaller motors than other boats of the same category?

Our boats are suggested to use relatively smaller motors than other boats of the same category because they have hulls with such a good design that attribute the same or even better than many boats with bigger motors. The Le Shark 15 will easily plane with 3 people with just one 10 HP motor while with a 20HP motor can pull a ski. The Le Shark Maxi with just a 10HP motor moves with 17,5 knots and with two people with 15. Τhe Le Shark 13 with a 10HP motor overcomes the 20 knots. This means economy in the purchase of the boat with the motor, low usage cost (service, fuel) and of course the light overall weight is making our life easier and our contact with the sea a careless joy.

Can I place various accessories on my boat and how?

All common accessories that we use in boats, can be placed by you easily and without any particular knowledge.Tents, fishing rod cases, reels, bollards, et. For more technical information contact us.

What is the difference with the other polyethylene boats on the market?

Their biggest difference is that the Le Shark boats are designed for sea usage. You will often see on the other manufacturers' boats, the green color dominating which refers in usage on the rivers and lakes. The Le Shark boats have hulls with deep V for right cruising and successful confrontation of high waving. Also, the higher quality of the Le Sharks can easily be noticed even by a "beginner" since the finishing - shinning - lack of defects on the hull (resulting to wrong cruising) are easy to be seen. Even the quality of the polyethylene used by Le Shark is higher quality for sun and sea resistance.





Frequently asked questions and answers about floating pontoons / platforms

In what colors are the cubes being produced?

The usual color of the cubes is light grey. Light colors are usually chosen because they reflect UV radiation instead of absorbing it. But, other colors are available, such as blue, white, orange, brown or other colors as long as it is asked.

Is the surface slippery?

The surface is slip resistant. The non slip surface makes the dock safe for walking even when the floor is wet.

Can I install the dock by myself?

The assembly procedure is simple and we can provide you with the appropriate information to install it. While it is possible for one person to assembly it, the presence of 2 people for the assembly is the best solution.
We also offer installation services if it is asked.
If you choose to install it by yourselves, you should give us a photograph after completion, to activate your guarantee.

How is the offered jetty compared to other alternative jetties - platforms made of wood, iron, aluminium and pontoons?

Because the dock is modular- the modular platform moves with the waves offering comparatevily high strength advantages in weather conditions unlike composite structures such as aluminum, iron and wood. Docks made of wood, iron and aluminum are recommended for installation in areas with mild wave like ports and lakes.
They will not rot and will not rust over time.The product has a lifetime of 15 to 20 years. The product is made of polyethylene plastic which also reduces the costs of maintenance and repair. It is also to installment yourself saving money. Due to low weight is easily carried in comparison platforms made of wood, aluminum and floats. The costs of purchasing the plaform varies at 230 EUR per square meter compared to 350 EUR and more for other types structures..

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Hydrofloat floating platform compared with other rigid structures.



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Disadvantages other structures of floating platforms in relation to the transfer, assembling and installation..

What is the warranty for the products and their lifespan?

We offer 4 years guarantee for the products. The product's lifespan is 15-20 years. Learn more about our guarantee.

Can the docks be moved in the water?

Yes, they can be moved in water as a complete system or in parts. You can pull the platform in a different location with a small boat.

Is it possible to leave the dock in water during winter months?

May remain during the winter if there is no movement of ice. In any case it is esaier to disasseble and reinstall from a traditional dock which cannot easily beremoved.

What kind of waves can the platform wiithstand?

Το αρθρωτό The modular system of cubes, allows the platform to move easily with the waves, instead to resist. It is recommended to install the platform in an area where the waves are smaller than 0.8 m. In several cases has recorded the system to withstand extreme weather conditions. If you want to install the platforms in areas with waves greater than 0.8 m, please contact us to see how the warranty applies in these cases.

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Project in Chios

Advantages of HYDROFLOAT platform with modular structure.

Is licence needed for the installation of floating dock?

In the majority of cases it is needed. In the "Information" section of our site the official goverment gazette (GG) is posted with the recent legislation sheet number 1651 (June 23, 2014) where the procedure is described
In general their placement is permitted to 150 sqm by private individuals or professionals. The use for installing and running restaurants or leisure centers is not allowed.
The licensing application must be submitted in the local port authorities. An installation study from a Naval Architecture with indicative cost 800 EUR depending the size of the installation is required.
The relevant information is also posted in the "Information" section of our site

What kind of wind conditions can the platform withstand?

The platforms due to their modular construction can withstand even in severe storms and winds and cyclonic phenomena.

What is happening with the developing algae on the surface platform when in contact with the water?

This will not affect the overall buoyancy of the dock in any way, shape or form and can easily be cleaned

How much time is needed for the delivery of floating platform after ordering?

Delivery time is 20 days.

What is the minimum width for a stable platform for walking?

The cubes can be used as a floating platform, passage and dock. In order to be stable while walking, the platform must be at least three to four cubes in width 1.5 to 2 m. Finally, non-slip surface makes the platform safe to walk even when the floor is wet.




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